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It's going to be touch and go for the next few weeks.  

This week I'm booked with school bus trips everyday from Tues through Fri.  If these trip were very long day trips with tons of down time then I'd be able to draw, but basically it's been - drive to Camden Waterfront, drop students; 1 hour later, pick up kids, drive back to home base through 45 minutes of traffic and begin PM runs until complete.

Next week is also up-in-the air for now, because I have jury duty of which I am NOT excused from.  Even going to work is up-in-air at this point  next week, because of my federal duty as a US citizen.  In my last job, I was always able to get out of jury duty due to the fact that it placed my company in a hardship.  However, my new job that I've held since September of 2014 is a state legislated job (district), and therefore, I am NOT exempt from civil service, nor civil duty.  In fact, because my job is classified as such, my country's government is more likely to choose me for jury duty twice as often.

Damn!  I wish my chances of winning the lottery were as good as being selected randomly by the state of NJ to perform a civic duty.  

Anyway, as I said before - winiter is a great season for making comics.  Late spring and summer, not so much.  My time gets heisted by trips and sports and special events with my job, and then I also have to seek a summer job, because I must continue to work in the summer in order to pay bills.

In case you were wondering, NO, I am NOT running out of steam for Legend of Zelda.  Unlike SGRE, I have EVERY intention of seeing this project to the very end.  I'm syched by it, because I know Restoration is my magnum opus!

However, I must work and survive like the other 98% of low-middle class Americans, and therefore it is what it is.  Who knows.  Maybe Nintendo will find my comic someday, and publish it, and then I can be a lot more financially stable then I currently am and quit my day job in order to make comics everyday and get paid for making them, like Stan Lee....

Available: Graphic artist, and writer of a plausible Zelda story is actively seeking employment within your company as a storyboard designer, sequential artist, or game concept artist!  Yes!  I am bilingual in Japanese. はい!  日本語がわかります.  :nod:

HEY!  I can dream big!  Luckily, that is the one thing which is absolutely free in my country.  You can dream, and no one can take your dream from you ever.

I'll keep you updated next week via journal about whether I'll be up or down again.  Until then, have a wonderful week and weekend!

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