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Yup!  They both return in my Zelda doujinshi!  The infamous Kotake and Koume!  TWINROVA!

Even though the Twinrova witches died at the end of Ocarina of Time, they were brought back farther down the Official Zelda, History of Hyrule timeline in the games: Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages -and also within - Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.

I must admit, of all of the boss enemies inside the Zelda games, Kotake and Koume were actually amongst my utmost favorites.  I can still hear their theme song playing every time they make an appearance somewhere.  I can also hear their screechy laughing the whole time as well.  They make me smile for some reason, despite their dark deeds in OoT.  There was something incredibly comical about the pair, albeit neither are slightly as incompetent as Ganon's Moblins and Bokoblins and Octoroks or other low-level minions.

For non-Zelda fans who are following my Restoration doujinshi - Kotake and Koume were surrogate mothers to Ganondorf.  They essentially were the tribal 'mothers' who raised him in Ocarina of Time inside his Gerudo Tribe in which he had been born into.  Side Note: The Gerudo mostly consist of women in their tribe, like Lions - the rarely born males become their leader. 
Also in LOZ: Oracle of Ages & LOZ: Oracle of Seasons, Kotake and Koume, aka Twinrova - are using sub-bosses, Veran and Onox as their pawns in order to resurrect their master the evil Demon King, Ganon a.k.a. Ganondorf.  <-- Ganondorf is human, while Ganon is the beast/demon form of Ganondorf...

Kotake and Koume also make a brief appearance in Termina - the alternate reality Legend of Zelda place -  as 'good guys' who aid Link in his quest to get the mask back from the skull kid in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and save Termina in the process.

Anyway - I'd say both Links are haplessly outnumbered in their enemy witches, with Twinrova (Kotake and Koume) as well as Cia hot on their tracks.  (Actually, Cia is only after Hero of Time Link for the most part, in her pervy obsession with him.)  At least Lana is joining the one side on both Links' benefit.

On a final note:  I will have a larger number of submissions during the Christmas Break, because I am a school bus driver, and I will have the standard two weeks down from work after the 23rd of December.  I will strive to get more page of story out during that holiday hiatus.  Things will be slow during the next week, because employment Christmas parties and such, but I will try to get at least two pages submitted by next weekend if I am able.

And if you go away before then,

:heart: :heart: :heart:
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