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:#1: First - remember everyone that I update my comics every Monday - unless time constraints, until the end of Summer (September) - when I return to a regular M-F shift week.  Thank you!

Second - a brief look at Gander, my new OC for LOZ - Restoration.

Is his character really original?
Not really, since I modelled him off of Groose, both physically and in personality. However, with that said - he IS NOT GROOSE!  Nor is he Groose's replacement! 

So who is Gander?
While I won't reveal plot points, let's just take what I've already revealed to you:

Gander is Medilia's real-son, while OS Link is her adopted son.  
Gander is Arn, Medilia's blacksmith husband's Stepson, but not his real son.  
Gander considers Groose an uncle, and wishes that he was actually related to Groose in some way.  
Recall that Gander is older than OS Link, because he refers to him as his Little Brother, or his Baby Brother. 
Fi also pointed out that Gander is a Hybrid-Gerudo male, but Medilia is a Gerudo/Hylian princess, so this should not be a shock. Gander doesn't like to be identified as Gerudo, and instead like to be called a 'Calatian.  
Gander's mother Medilia is a Gerudo Princess living in Calatia.  
Medilia kicked her son out of the house at some point when he was younger, and Gander was raised by Groose.
Gander isn't too smart, but he's still pretty brave and cares about Link.  Proof of this was his running into the woods when he saw Lana (who he thought was an evil witch) and Fi (who he thought was a blue demon), instead of away from the whole scene in fear.
Gander is a Woodsman who is hanging around Midoro Swamp with an Axe and a Side-Kick Moblin itty-bitty named, Moe.

Anyway, Gander - like most of my characters is more than just a comic relief thrown in at the last minute to annoy you and slow down the story.  Naw!  I've watched way too many hours of The League of SuperCritics on YouTube and AVGN to make that kind of shitty mistake.  
In fact, if anything - Gander is here to move my characters out of Midoro Swamp, and be a catalyst to the story overall.  Yes!  He IS like Groose.
Yes!  You will also see Groose later, much later - in my story, so Gander is NOT a cheap replacement for Groose. 
And that's about all I have time for tonight!

Until next time! 
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