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Aaaaand all done.

Pictured above: Laptop on the left is my fried Toshiba, which had been missing a mouse left and right button for over two years.  Yeah, clicking had literally been reduced to double-tapping the touch pad, which you can clearly see was worn down to nothing. Let's just say, my old Toshiba was very well-loved, but fixing it up was certainly not worth the price for a computer which was over 6 years old.  Still, I won't trade this model for the world.  I'm very fond of Toshibas.  
Okay, it's not as awesome as a Mac, but I'd have to buy all new software if I had bought one of those, and I really don't have the moolah for a Mac anyway - nor do I have the money for software like Adobe Creative Suite again for a Mac, because this program *believe it or not* does NOT transfer from one O/S to another.   Yeah.  Too much money.  Totally not happening.

And these are my 4 computers together.  Of course, the worn out Toshiba is no longer a working computer, so I'm back to three again as usual - which is my comfort zone.   (Also pictured is my Wacom Tablet, and my scanner/printer (and my other laser printer is probably not visible down below.... yes, my area for making comics is kind of crammed.)

Also, forgive the wire mess, I have stuff all askew at the moment, due to the fact that - at first -I thought that my battery backup was malfunctioning and not my Toshiba, but then I realized that it was totally my Toshiba.  I pulled everything out, and then tried to play catch up with my comics for the last two weeks, and ended up neglecting the wire clusterf**k near my feet.

It's amazing I'm not zapped more often.  Seriously.

So, yeah - moving on...  I use my mainframe/tower to backup all of my files.  My Gateway PC NEVER connects to the internet.  NEVER EVER!

My Large Toshiba Satellite (on the top right - all bright and lit up and big on top of my mini TV - because I hate TV that much that I never use that tiny thing anyway) is the travelling i7 laptop that I carry in a very pricey rolling computer bag, back and forth to work.  I also bring my Wacom Intuos tablet (pictured on below the laptops on the keyboard shelf) in order to work on my comics between my bus runs in the breakroom of my job.

My tiny Toshiba - which is the smaller one lit up in the center (and the one on the left, which is fried) is my internet portal.  I download content, upload content, and do pretty much everything internet-related with that laptop.   Hence - this is why my little laptop was just totally worn to bare bones. 

I might use my old, little Toshiba as a parts computer in the future if the need should arise.  It's small and portable, so it won't take up much room in my room.


Now, I need sleep.  Nighty-night all! :blowkiss:

Until next time! :love:
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