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After much debate, I'm going to draw and write for what keeps me inspired over generations of time - like decades and decades... 

I'm referring to, of course, Legend of Zelda.

As a child from the 80s, I still recall the gleam on the 'magical,' golden Nintendo game cartridge as I blew air on one end to remove the dust particles ... and then inserted it into that little grey, 8-bit game console.   After depressing the POWER button, I floated away for hours and days on end with an "A" & "B" button, playing as Link and fighting my way to the princess one dungeon at a time.

Later, there was Zelda II, which wasn't as memorable to me, but eventually Nintendo 64 released the mother of all games that IMO has still not been topped to this day:  Ocarina of Time.

Majora's Mask was dark and awesome.
Twilight Princess was beautiful and deep.
Minnish Cap was cute and fluid.
And Skyward Sword rocked the origins story of Zelda (The Goddess Hylia), Link, Gannon (aka Demise) - the Triforce, and the forging of the Master Sword that we all know and love so deeply.
And there were others...  many, many, many others that scattered the history of gaming and cheap 80s television...

If you think that Legend of Zelda is some mere video game with no continuity or structure, then you are greatly mistaken. 

Fan theories to the legend of Link have circulated for years until Hyrule Historia was released in print by the creator of The Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto. 

He structured a tri-tiered timeline that branched in differing directions following the Ocarina of Time, where time had essentially been split three ways (according to Miyamoto).  One timeline branched to follow the continuing adventures of Link if he had remained an adult after OOT.  Another timeline had branched off to follow the Child Link who had been returned to the past in order to search for Naavi in Majora's Mask.

And a final timeline with an additional three branches was formed based on a 'fake' concept that Link had failed to defeat Gannon and had, instead, fallen at the villian's great and evil hands. 

Now, my newest doujinshi will revolve around that third timeline, which Miyamoto had created because there were some cringe-worthy Zelda stories that had complete discontinuity (disconnection) from the rest of the series.  Along that line of the third discordant timeline, I have chosen, "The Hero Arrives Early," arc in order to repair a very poor and badly made Zelda animation that has recently recaptured my attention.  

Well, be rest-assured that when I set out to turn something right that has been wronged, I usually accomplish it...
Except for SGRE, which had lost my interest after four years of production and 250 completed pages.

Whew!  This story will NOT be an SGRE-sized story.


Instead, I have chosen to reduce my story to a comparable 30-minute episode of any cartoon on the air today.  Roughly I estimate about 100 pages, which is not a rough ride, being that it's being rendered in cartoon and not reality vision, like SGRE and Egress had been.  <--- too much work there.


That's about it.

I would like to complete Sailor Moon: Tangent, but I've lost steam for producing Sailor Moon cartoons, and have simply resigned to just watching the latest Crystal episode on HULU as they are released.  Besides...  Legend of Zelda is an underdog, and not as popular these days, and I'd rather stick to something lower key - so I'm not competing my story and doujinshi against a million other fan-artists also producing the same series.

I'll go through a different door this time, and save my other story premises for later on when Sailor Moon: Crystal has lost it's steam several years down the road.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'll try to get a cover and at least 1 page of my Newest Zelda doujinshi up here by tomorrow.  If not, then Monday.  I have downtime on my new job, so I drag my laptop in and render until I'm called out to sub a bus run.


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Gojira012 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
I had made up a hero for Sailor moon named Kamen man
sailorsilverstar Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wish I had a bus that had awesome drawings like that when I was a kid...that woudle been epic!!!!! La is puking Rainbows 
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