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Submitted again, because DA apparently has changed the journal settings so that you can no longer add pictures to your journals... which SUCKS!

Artist’s commentary for my Legend of Zelda: Restoration doujinshi.
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Ah, Sunday!  

As I finish up my next seven day stint of the process of creating - from start to finish – LOZ: Restoration – At last, I’ve come to the turning point of my story, which will be taking most of the main characters out of Hyrule’s North Castle and sending them out into the Overworld of Hyrule.

Ganon’s power begins to exponentially increase at alarming speeds, while Old School Link seems to be having an increasing number of problems occurring within him.    The seal that has been placed over him collapsing, would be the biggest problem.

And the source of all of these new and crazy problems, you ask?

Ocarina Link.  He simply does NOT belong in the far, far future with Old School Link and Old School Zelda.

Why is this such a problem?

Because Ocarina Link carries the Triforce of Courage within him.  It is active, and surging with power wherever Blondie may travel.  The presence of his internally woven piece of the Triforce is causing turbulence and tremors in Hyrule’s sense of order and natural balance.  Remember!  There are now two pieces of the Triforce of Courage existing together -  in the same realm – inside of my story.  

By all rights, Blondie’s piece of the Triforce should NOT even be in this future, nor presented in such a powerful and predominant way.  It is because of Blondie’s appearance and of the magic item that he carries within him that all of Hyrule is now at dire risk of annihilation.

Recap of Hyrule Historia: In the far, far future of Hyrule – some hundreds of years before Old School Zelda was born, the Old King of Hyrule had hidden a part of the Triforce – the Triforce of Courage.  He did this in order to prevent evil from attempting to take the full Triforce and claiming its full magic.

In fact, Zelda II: Adventures of Link (which is Old School Link, by the way) – is Old School Link’s quest to find the hidden Triforce of Courage.  It has been magically sealed away and is now guarded by a sage somewhere in Hyrule. The Triforce of Courage is inert and silent in order to prevent its detection by Ganon, or whatever manner of evil may rise to claim it.  
It has been so well hidden, that even a wicked Prince of Hyrule tried to wrest its whereabouts from his sister, Princess Zelda, long ago – and only managed to have her placed into an eternal sleep with the deepest of regrets placed upon his conscience forever.  <-- Thanks to the Wizard who cast the spell upon her and died in the process.

Legend of Zelda: Restoration predates Zelda II: Adventures of Link – so this means that Old School Link (aka Kid) has not received the mark of the Triforce on his left hand, nor has he been told of the Triforce of Wisdom by Impa, nor has he even retrieved it, nor has he woken the eternally sleeping Princess Zelda in the Great Palace of Hyrule after facing Shadow Link.

None of this has come to pass at this time within my doujinshi!  

However, it will happen eventually – and my story will lead into that adventure.  
No!  I won’t be writing Zelda II: Adventures of Link.  You can play the game for that adventure.  I writing/ will be drawing a sequel to that game thereafter.

So on that note…
Have a wonderful weekend!  Until next time!
I’m going to get some much needed sleep now!  Nighty-nite!

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