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Hullo, Everybody! :wave:

Last week's crisis is behind me (but the damage is done and I'm still in recovery mode)
Life goes on...  AND COMICS ARE UP! :clap:

So, this week - as many of you have read, X'ing from "The Legend of Zelda" 80s animated cartoon ==> Episode: Sing for the Unicorn ===> has finally emerged as promised. 

She's also identified herself as the Sage from the Temple of Fire, which was a position formerly held in Ocarina Link's time by Darunia, The Goron Chief.

Which is kind of strange, being that X'ing is not from Hyrule - but from Koridai Isle. She hails from the town of Goronu.  
If you didn't read all of my disclaimers, I did NOT simply pull either "Koridai Isle," nor "Goronu" out of a hat randomly, folks!  

Believe it or not, Koridai Isle is the place that Link flies off to in the Philips CD-I game: "Link, The Faces of Evil."
Goronu is the first town that you begin in (where Link can learn to do the 'duck walk.') :rofl:

Okay.  Like most peeps who LOVE Zelda - and Nintendo, I don't recognize the Philips CD-I games as Zelda canon.  (Actually, Nintendo disavows complete existence of the Zelda Philips CD-I games all together).  However, with that said - while the Philips games were terrible, and the cutscenes were a prime breeding ground for YouTubePoop epic segments, I still feel that parts of it can be clipped out and saved.  

For instance, I like the name 'Goronu,' because it reminds me of the word 'Goron.'  In 'Link: The Faces of Evil' - the town names are not the typical Zelda canon names, mainly because Koridai is a distant island. Link is flown via flying carpet to the Isle of Koridai because Ganon is attacking it.   And as we all know, OS Link tends to be a Ganon expert.  Aren't all Links??? 

And the rest of the game really sucks... 
PeanutButterGamer said it best here:

Also, X'ing mentions that Prince Facade's son bids her to save his father in Tantari at the Arbiter's Grounds Temple.

This is a reference to my eventual sequel stories of "LOZ: Restoration," where you can read the synopsis here:
LOZ - Hyrule Rising _ an Overview
LOZ - Hyrule Rising Concept Art by AiijuinGraphics

Anyway - if you want spoilers, let me know, but seriously...   Just look up the sequel to 'Hyrule Rising,' and you will find the answer to the mystery behind Prince Facade's unborn son.
((( AH!  Just don't NOTE me here!  Just leave a message in this journal please.  I don't respond to notes on DA anymore, due to the overwhelming spam I receive there )))

Oh! and also there is a mention of Ashei.

Yes, this Ashei from Twilight Princess...

BUT WAIT, AIIJUIN!  Ashei and Twilight Princess are along a different Zelda timeline!

Yes.  I know this.
But that doesn't mean that the same people don't exist in the simultaneous parallel timelines.


While, it's true that the characters who exist in the Adult Link universe -- like from Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks -- had such completely altered lives due to the flooding of Hyrule and therefore the probability of their re-emergence in a simultaneous reality would be relatively low due to the alteration of many Hylian's lives.... this does not mean that there are not relative similarities which might have occurred between the Child Link and the Downfall Timelines.  
A.K.A. = If your Grandmom and Grandpa had drowned before your mother/father were born, you would never have been born, but if they had missed exit 7a on the NJ Turnpike long ago --- well, you probably would have still been born, but some events would have changed in your life.  

Okay, not that simple.

In Twilight Princess - which is the Child Link timeline, the circumstances are relatively more analogous to each other when comparing it to the Downfall Timeline of Zelda.
In both omniverses of the Child Link timelines and the Downfall timelines, it is the Seven Sages who gather together in order to seal Ganon away within the Sacred Realm.  
However, in both timelines - Ganon's threat remains constant, as he eventually escapes from both.

Although neither timeline would be an exact replica of the other, due to the changing of one single event - this was the success of Ocarina Link vs Ganondorf/Ganon at end game of LOZ:Ocarina of Time... 
This doesn't mean that people such as Ashei would never have been born into the future of the Downfall Timeline.  

Also, with Ganon's imprisonment within the Sacred Realm in both timelines, it is very possible that there is an instance of Midna that exists inside of a Twilight world within the Downfall Timeline as well (since Ganon's presence within the Sacred Realm transformed it into a land of shadows, just like it had in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)  Yes!  Both Downfall and Child Link Timelines DO follow relatively close to one another.  It's all there in "Hyrule Historia."

Downfall Timeline: In Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Agahnim breaks the seal on the Sacred Realm in order to free Ganon.  The Link of this game discovers that Ganon's evil soul has corrupted the Sacred Realm.  It has now become 'The Dark World.'  
If LOZ:ALTTP Link attempts to enter without a special item, he is immediately transformed into an animal (a bunny), much like Twilight Princess Link is also transformed into a blue-eyed wolf, when the Twilight Realm escapes into Hyrule.

Also, I speculate that Twilight Princess Link and Old School Link are born around the same time period in the two different timelines as each other, except in two different realities.  Both are descendants of The Spirit of the Hero, and they both emerge from lands outside of the borders of Hyrule Kingdom.  (Ordon Village is not a part of Hyrule - as Rusl specifically asks TP Link if he's ever been to Hyrule - implying that neither are inside of Hylian lands, but perhaps just outside. )

I also speculate that both TP Link and OS Link had to be protected, and therefore were removed from the Kingdom of Hyrule, since both are Hylians.

And YES!  I realize that there was a genocide of the Hylian Knights in LOZ:ALTTP - and Ashei was a daughter of a Hylian Knight in TP ---> But Arn, a Hylian Knight, who was hunted by Agahnim - escapes into another time inside of my story, so it is possible that Ashei's father had also been spared in my story as well.  (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

Bah!  I'm rambling.  I starting to sound like The Game Theorists now (sort of), but Legend of Zelda is probably one of the most ingeniously made network of stories/games all 'Linked' together is some similar way, and I'm here to bring the Downfall Timeline back into the mainstream of importance with my comics, by using only what information is given in the source material (including those 80s Zelda comics and that 'toon as well).  <-- the Valiant Comics of Zelda and the 80s animated cartoon are NOT canon, but I'm treating them as such within my doujinshi.

So, yes.  Ashei and the resistance exists in the Downfall Timeline of Legend of Zelda (at least in my comic, they do.)

Until next time! 
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