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I've been working and tweaking a Sailor Moon fanfiction that I've told and retold within my imagination over and over again, since my creation of Crystal Millennium: Prelude.   Actually, this story dates back nearly as far as my never revealed ' 3029 A.D. ' arc (which you've never heard of if you are not my BFF, because it only exists by word of mouth as a creation made up by two friends over 15 years ago.)

Anyway, let me clear up some things about "Tangent" to put your mind at ease.

1)  Usagi is still Moon Princess and will rise to Neo Queen Serenity taking reign of Crystal Tokyo, 1000 years into the future of this story.
2)  Mamoru is still Prince Endymion and will rise to King Endymion and become the father of Small Lady Serenity a.k.a. Chibi Usa.
3)  All of the Sailor Senshi are alive and well - all exist, and none are destroyed.
4)  Pluto is still a planet of our solar system in this story, so no worries! :D

And now for some info that may dissuade you from "Tangent" - it's NOT an UsagiXSeiya story, or any kind of Yaoi story. 
It's a basic story, story.  Action, adventure, romance, strange twists that only I can deliver in my Paradoxical way.  Similar to CMP.

Some pre-peeks into the story premise - bullet-list style:

:bulletyellow: The story cut-flashes through most of what you know already, so I'm not entirely rewriting/redrawing what already exists.

:bulletyellow: The story follows more along the Toei version, and less along the manga, but there is some important incorporated manga details like there were in CMP.

:bulletyellow: The story does NOT follow the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in most ways except one minor detail that I really liked.

:bulletyellow: The story begins a normal story pace after the Stars Season.  <--- The flash peeks are only to establish what has been changed, and it's not very much, to be honest.

:bulletyellow: This story nearly completely discards the entire wonky Stars series, but Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten ARE within my story at some point.  They do NOT take center stage here, but merely fill gaps of space.

:bulletyellow: Sailor Mercury a.k.a. Mizuno Ami is interning over in Germany, preparing for her future career as a Doctor.

:bulletyellow: Sailor Venus a.k.a. Aino Minako is on tour as a famous idol, fulfilling her dream.

:bulletyellow: Sailor Jupiter a.k.a. Kino Makoto is engaged to Furuhata Motoki, after certain events alter history.

:bulletyellow: Chiba Mamoru is fulfilling his internship in the USA, but without Galaxia interruption within this story.  He stays away for five years. (because I'm tired of a flippin' 20 year-old boy chasing skirt on a 14-16 year old minor.  No!  HELL NO!  I'm letting Usagi grow the hell up for this story. )

:bulletyellow: Chibi Usa a.k.a. Small Lady Serenity does not have time interference that effects the course of time in this story.  In fact, she serves a different function in this story entirely, but remains a character of mystery to Usagi and everyone throughout most of the story. 

:bulletyellow: Usagi enters college (yeah, go figure ) --->  I always hated the vagueness of Usagi's character, simply rising to become queen and being an imbecile while doing so.  Certainly, the girl must have grown up, got her $hit together, and matured.  This was the only positive contribution of Sailor Stars that I enjoyed, was that we finally saw Usagi mature.
:bulletyellow: I am NOT including the whole Galactic Cauldron, Sailor Chaos, and the whole bloated 'OMG Usagi is the Messiah' story arc from the manga either.  I really hate that crap!  I need a hero who can make mistakes and learn from them, not a freaking invulnerable Goku-SSJ4 person.  Jesus!  >.<

:bulletyellow: This story will NOT be as twisted and convoluted as my SGRE was.  It will also not be as long, which is why most of the changed aspects are sped through in one or two frames.  YAY!  Narration!

Anyway, that should conclude some tidbits of what I am and AM NOT doing in this story.

Yes.  I have been developing this story for over three years.  No, I wasn't sure how to handle the beginning until recently.  Yes, I know how it's going to end....

Which, hopefully will bring me into "3029 A.D."  <---- a very DARK Sailor Moon story.  The content takes place pretty during the reign of Nemesis, the Death Phantom and is staged around the Cold Sleep.  I call the place the "Cursed Earth" series.  



Have a wonderful week! :blowkiss:
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sailorsilverstar Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wish I had a bus that had awesome drawings like that when I was a kid...that woudle been epic!!!!! La is puking Rainbows 
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