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I need to do a LOT of things these days.

I still need to upload the DSON importer in Poser today sometime.
I need to start learning Poser 10 (because the program had a very steep learning curve the last time I had used Poser 8 about eight years ago) - and I gave up trying it after several tries.

I'm still building in DAZ3D (as you can tell) - which is imperative in order to avoid anymore slowdowns and production halts once I resume comics again... which, I need to resume comics once again.
Things are taking a while and I really need a vacation at this point.

It's 100 degrees in NJ today - and will be even worse when I have to drive 30 miles out to see a Workman's Comp MD in order ascertain the extent of my foot damage (something that should have been done from the start).
I need to get back to full health again, as these injuries are placing such a strain at my job, at home, and a huge dent in my vacation plans in two weeks.

I need to learn how to spell again, it would seem as I still need to fix some spelling errors on the Ganondorf poster.
He looks friggin' awesome though.  Turned out exactly as I wanted him too.  Well...
I wanted to get his eyes to appear more gold than green, but I figure his eyes can go either way depending on the light (I DID give him golden-green eyes, but under the light I had eventually used, they appeared more green).

I really took several of Nintendo's different concept designs of Ganondorf in order to get the final look that I achieved with him.  The back crown that Ganondorf is known to wear in Super Smash Bros and also in Hyrule Warriors was probably the most difficult final piece to find.  Luckily, there are some really awesome items that were available for Aiko 3 back when she had been released.  Very creative items that the newer legacy characters do not seem to have...  (the newer models released by DAZ3D seems to be geared towards more realistic characters these days, as cartoony-like things tend to take a backstage to realism)  <--- which actually kind of sucks, because in Graphic Design - Illustration class in college, it was proven and taught that most people dislike realism in digital characters versus a toony and stylized design. 

People more readily accept stylized over the real.  Disney knows this, which is why most of their 3D designs are toon-like.  "TRON: Legacy" failed miserably because Disney tried to pass a CGI character off as a real human being.  Even though I thought Jeff Bridges looked amazing in 3D digital form, we all knew that there was something that just wasn't quite right with CLU.  Something was off.  And so many people rejected the movie (also, the movie was boring as hell compared to the original TRON, but I digress that the biggest whine was over realism in CGI, and not so much the ISO evolution of life story).

I need to start animating more often in DAZ, as I promised myself to make a YouTube video (which I've only scraped the surface of achieving thanks to lack of time and weekly issues that seem to arise out of nowhere).

I need to try out my new colored pencil sets (the other 3).  I still haven't yet and I'm anxious to.


What it really boils down to is this:
I just need three of me and a couple of spare legs just in case.

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silvermoon822 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I was flicking through the old SGRE again yesterday and goodness gracious you are such a good storyteller. I love going back to those. One of these days I wanna sit down and read your zelda comic from start to finish too. 

I miss chatting with you!!! I think i'm gonna start making it a goal to publish more stuff to this website again. 
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