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Yeah.  2nd Journal in one day.  My earlier journal, as always, was written right after I finished a seven-day stint on the LOZ comics.  I take a two-hour power nap afterwards and then regroup my thoughts.  

So, first - I've been loitering on YouTube again.  Saw the new movie trailer for Terminator: Genesys.  Since the movie involves time travel, you know I'll be there waiting for it.  I'm not sure if this film is going to be a new lineup of trilogies produced (you know Hollywood does that with every franchise nowadays) - but if it's not, I'll call the ending now.

John Connor is going to erase his own existence.  For me, that's the only way that all of this Terminator time looping will ever, ever end.  Unless, franchise happens... then, it's going to drag on for years with more sequels than a horror franchise.

Yes, I've watched all four Terminator movies religiously.  I actually liked all four of them and I don't care what other people thought.  The story was solid in all four, and they played like comic books, which is fine by me.  No, they are not Shakespeare in the Park, but as far as sci-fi goes... well, I've seen much worse.

Anyway, the whole reason a Terminator was sent back in time, was to prevent John Connor from being born in Terminator (I).  Of course, this lead to the inevitability of Sarah and Kyle meeting up in the first place, and John was conceived as a result.
In Terminator 2, Charles Dyson from Cyberdyne was researching the parts left from the smashed T-100 back in 1984.  As a result, mountains of information had been gathered from the memory chip and the cybernetic arm left from Arnie in the first film. Cyberdyne Systems were destroyed by Sarah, John, and "Arnie," but still there was a third film which followed.
In Terminator 3, Judgement Day had been postponed, but had arrived anyway despite all of the attempts made to stop it by John and his late mother, Sarah - she had passed away of cancer through the magic Hollywood write-offs. By the end, everything was nuked - and John and his future wife were saved in a fallout shelter out in Nevada somewhere.
In Terminator 4, we see the future.  John is fighting the Terminators and the AI that is trying to snuff out the human race forever.  Kyle Reese is a child, and John finally meets his father while the war wages on.  In the end, the inevitable destruction of Skynet.  

So, apparently - this whole war has began and ended with the fact that Kyle and Sarah made John and a Terminator was sent back into the past, which left behind evidence that caused this whole future mess...
Really, the only way to stop Skynet forever is to prevent it's existence by stopping the loop before it even begins.  Who knows?

Okay, so Link PTSD:

Coming in the next two weekends.  

PS: Did you know that Dead Hand is also another word for Nuclear War?  

Scary, scary stuff there.  Very scary.  :fear:

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zememz Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Just a quick message to say thank you for your continued support of my work and for using my stock to create such fabulous illustrations. My son and I are huge Zelda fans and we LOVE reading your comics :aww:
Thanks again :love:
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HermitCrabStock Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
Thank you for the watch :hug:
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