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(edited from earlier)  ---> DOH!  I'll fix the mispell of "Tektite" next Sunday (won't take but a few minutes, but I can't now.)  Sorry, I was referencing the Hyrule Historia book and misread the correct spelling.  I know from this forward, I shall ask Google first when my eyes are weary).

Okay.  I finished more than expected this weekend, which made me do a happy dance like Darunia in Ocarina of Time.  Most of it was because I didn't want the characters and story crammed haplessly into two pages.  Although the pages were spread out over 6 this weekend, I feel that my doujinshi still sticks to a pretty normal pace that is neither rushed, nor too in depth.

I know that Impa has tons of commentary within the comic, but she is my guiding character that is there to help inform my non-Legend of Zelda audience who may be following my story.  After all... to all of you LOZ (Legend of Zelda) fans out there, you knew exactly who I meant when I referenced Darunia, however if you are one of my Sailor Moon fans who may be reading my story and may have never picked up a Legend of Zelda game, nor have followed that genre in the least - well, you're lost without a commentary to explain things like "Din's Fire," "Stalfos," or "the Triforce," etc... etc.

In as such, my objective in writing my story is to treat everyone as a newer audience never exposed to any Zelda story.  I ask for patience in the well-seasoned Zelda fans, who know everything and the universe about Legend of Zelda.  I know you know it all, like I'd to think I might.  Ha!  Many of you probably can already nitpick my doujinshi, but for now - introductions are a necessity for all readers.  It makes for a good story, instead of a piggy-back tale that doesn't stand alone without it's primary source material.  I WILL inform you: if you are lost already while reading my story - I NEVER present a story with the mystery solved in the beginning, that takes away the enchantment of a story - is solving the ending before it has begun.  So, please be patient.  The end will tie up loose story threads before it's closing.  All things shall be explained by the resolve.

Even Nintendo immerses every gamer of Zelda into each game as if they were new to the whole Zelda universe.  (Except for Warriors of Hyrule, which clearly throws players into the deep end, and doesn't tell much backstory that I have seen yet --- It was obviously designed for the massive Zelda fans.)


So, continuing my saga of "Legend of Zelda: Restoration..."  for new Zelda followers....  The Zelda universe is clearly a fantasy-type realm with dragons, elf-like humanoids, and magic.  It is akin to Lord of the Rings, so if you like LOTR, then you may enjoy my story.  Most of Zelda is similar to LOTR in it's own way, but with (and forgive me LOTR fans) even more epicness IMO.  Link is basically a combination of Legolas and Aragorn all rolled up into one.  Link, in any game, is truly an inspirational character.  Most of my story, naturally, circles around him.  *Well, there ARE two Links in my story.  

Anyway, if you ask my which version of Link I like... I'll be honest.  I can't choose.  They are all so equally adorable.  Yes... even the 80s cheesy Nintendo cartoon Link.  I wouldn't be drawing something that I absolutely loathed after all.

And to put Old School Zelda fans mind's at ease... I shall NOT be making Link, both Old school, nor newer look like a fool in the end.  I respect the hard work put into the essence of Link within each age that Zelda games are presented.  In such, I can't abuse the character in any representation.  Basically, my story will bring Eastern style Link and Western style Link together for the first time in a way that will justify both in the end and add more depth and closure to the discontinuity of the discarded third-timeline that does NOT involve the Hero of Time.  Yeah.  I've brought him back into that discarded third-line in a good way.

Okay, so have a good week.  Next week will be my last weekend before my vacation on the 30th-31st of October, so no new pages that weekend of Halloween.
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