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Well, much like every other Zelda fan on the planet, I'm totally psyched for this:

Who isn't?  I'm kind of afraid of where it sits in the Zelda timeline, but I feel it is a far, far future event along either the Child or Adult Link timeline.

Actually, I'm kind of hoping it falls to the far, far future of the Zelda timeline and doesn't disrupt my favorite Downfall timeline.  If Nintendo meddled with the downfall timeline, then it would totally disrupt my Zelda comics - and I do so want to get back to them again.
----------------------ZELDA STUFF OFFICIALLY ENDS HERE IN THIS JOURNAL ------------------

Basketball season is a pain, but the $$$ is good - so overtime is a positive.  I plan on returning to one comic or the other as soon as I am able.  Hopefully, I will get a few pages done on Winter Break.

On a health note - I've finally broken down and booked an APT to the Rheumatologist for my health. 
I honestly don't know what is going on lately.  Besides fatigue, I have a huge list of problems developing rather quickly in a short amount of time since my ankle ligament/tendon snap.

My ankle wasn't the first incident, but it was a relatively newer incident.  --> past incidents are from 20 years prior.

Since my ankle, I've dislocated my hip on my good leg (not really a good leg, when you consider that I have to wear a brace on my knee in order to walk) - but my good leg (left leg) is not my right ankle-snapped ligament.
I've also hyper-extended my pinky finger on my left hand backwards while reaching for a doorknob and snapped a ligament in my finger and dislocated the first joint.  My finger injury happened in the same week I snapped my tendon/tore my ligament in my ankle.  Finger is still sore and continues to hyper-extend to painfulness, but I'm not wearing a splint any more.

From that point on, I've been getting terrible back pain - to the point that my face has been going numb on my chin, lower part of my nose, and behind my left eye - whenever I turn a certain way in bed while sleeping.  It feels like ants crawling under my skin and I itch like a madman, only to discover that I have tingling, not itching.
There is also pain in the region behind my left eye (the numb eye) - a permanent headache that won't go away, but just lingers with the numbness.  It literally feels like my eye is detached from the rest of my body or someone shoved a baseball behind my left eye.

Then, three weeks ago, I was turning my wrist to invert an object from one side to the other (my vacuum cleaner wand) and my wrist on my right arm dislocated with a terribly loud CRACK-POP and then I haven't been able to go without wearing a brace since while working.

Also - on many occasions recently, I try to reach for the mouse of my computer and also my boss's computer at work, but I cannot.  My hand tremors in a way that I can't stabilize, nor control it.  I have to grab my right hand with my left hand to stop it from moving uncontrollably, then grab the mouse with my right hand.

And finally.  The worst symptom of them all is the fact that after I've been sitting for a while, my legs stop responding to movement like they weren't there.  I have to push myself up from a seated position with my hands and arm in order to move them.  When I finally get into an upright position again, my legs don't move like a normal person's legs do - but they move stiffly, like a person with a handicap or a runner who has stiff legs.

So.... honestly - I think everything else I've been just ignoring to fatigue at work lately (I carry a 35 lb backpack vacuum cleaner on my back for 6 hours every night and lift 50lb bags of trash to throw in the dumpster) - but when my right wrist dislocated, that's when I got serious about everything.

I draw with my right hand.  If I lose my ability to draw due to a degenerative disease, I'll flip the f**k out.  My art is my life, so yeah....

Also, numbness and tingling in my face, which family doctor has diagnosed as anxiety is seeming less like anxiety and more like a nerve issue in all honesty.  Anxiety comes and goes.  Usually within an hour or two.  My numbness lasts for days and weeks.  If it was a stroke - I'd been out of commission all ready and probably dead.  I suspect something else.

When I was a 16-year girl in high school - both of my knees dislocated while dancing. 
It had been speculated by my Orthopedist then that I might have Ehler's Danloss Syndrome - which I promptly ignored like any teenager in high school.

Now, I think I might mention that diagnosis to the MD at the Rheumatologist and pray he/she has heard of it all.

My father, aunt, and two uncles all have Degenerative Disk Disease - but only their legs and spines have been affected, not their wrists and finger joints - nor numbness in the face.

Honestly, I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I want to know what is wrong, and I want to know now.

I'm done with this.  I want my energy back to move again, and I want my joints back to zip around like the little mouse that I am.


Yeah, this started out as a Zelda journal, and degraded quickly into a health journal.  I guess I'm distracted by those two things these days.  Zelda being the first, and my lament towards my failing health on the other end.  I'm not even thinking of the holidays a few weeks away at this point.

Until next time.

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